19 Delta

Lotions and Potions NY


The smell of Bourbon and Strippers inspired by time as a U. S. Army Cavalry Scout. Smoky Cedar, Warm Vanilla like the cleavage of a bikini clad stripper and Bourbon with a hint of sandalwood to cover the smell of shame. MRE's not included. ;)


Wedge: 2.2 oz bar +\-*

Full Bar: 4.5 oz bar +\-

Full Batch**: 9 - 4.5 oz bars +\-

*+\- bar size may vary by 0.1- 0.3 oz

** if ordering a full batch of soap be aware that each full batch is made for the person ordering and there is a 2 week turn over time between the placement of the order and its shipment. 




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