Behind the Blend

Trust in nourishing creations made with you in mind!

Everyone has done it. You pick up the bottle of body wash while you are in the shower and read the label but when you get to the ingredients they might as well be written in a foreign language. 5 years ago, I was doing the same and decided there must be something better than this. I want to know what is in the products I used on my body. After much research and many recipe attempts I finally developed a soap with a luxurious lather and cleansing feel that left my skin soft and silky. A lotion that is not greasy or sticky that nourished skin and is convenient to take where ever you go. Last came the development of our beard care line. With the popularity of growing long beards comes the chronic issues of beard itch and unmanageable wiry curl. By ODIN's Beard was designed and produced by my own Viking to aid with his bearded desires, it provides everything you could need or want for growing and maintaining a long lustrous beard.