Beard Oil

Lotions and Potions NY


A luxurious blend of oil including jojoba and sweet almond that will nourish any coarse dry beard with your choice of scent. 2 fl oz

Nordic Thunder: start everyday smelling like a Norse god. A smoky blend of Earthy Petitgrain, Crisp Citrus and Rich Cedarwood. 

Ragnarocing Beard: Rock it like the Nordic Apocalypse. Smell like the smoky fire and spice blended with the depth of the northlands. Scotch Pine, Cinnamon Bark and Cassia. 

19 Delta: smell of Bourbon and Strippers inspired by time as a U. S. Army Cavalry Scout. Smoky Cedar, Warm Vanilla like the cleavage of a bikini clad stripper and Bourbon with a hint of sandalwood to cover the smell of shame. MRE's not included. ;)

Panty Dropper: Do you want her panties to  melt right off her body? Then bathe your masculine beard in a scent she will surely love. A blend that smells like clean laundry, fresh breath and hint of sensual spice. Speramint, Lavender and Clove.

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